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JellysByDesign currently services the Phoenix metropolitan area including Tempe, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, and surrounding towns.

We are available for commission in other areas to create custom designs for a standard day rate.

Contact us for details.

Jelly Shots by Tier
JellysByDesign offers premium alcohol infused jelly shots at four tiers. They range from our basic party shots all to way to custom alcohol confection crafted specifically for your event.

No matter which level is right for you, you will be receiving a product that is superior to any other. JellysByDesign only uses premium alcohol and fresh ingredients. Each recipe has been crafted to ensure a pleasing texture and taste. You will be the hit of the party. People really love our product.


Extra Casual Jelly Shots
Beginning at $0.85 per shot
Minimum order: 40
These are unmolded and served in 1 ounce plastic containers. They are suitable for easy stacking and popular among the casual crowd. Generally, any standard cocktail can be transformed into this type of jelly shot. Even though this level of jelly shot may look familiar, JellysByDesign's Party Shots are significantly better as we do not use artificially flavored gelatin or generic alcohol.


Birthday Cake Jelly Shot PicturedExceptional Jelly Shots
Beginning at $2.00 per shot
Minimum order: 15
(except for Champagne/Prosecco based jelly shots - minimum: 30)
Exceptional Jelly Shots use premium ingredients, custom recipes, molded shapes, normally single or double layers and are accented with a simple garnish.


Bloody Mary Jelly Shot PicturedExquisite Jelly Shots
Beginning at $3.50 per shot
Minimum order: 10
Exquisite Jelly Shots use the highest quality liqueur, imaginative recipes, and dramatic presentations. This level of jelly shots may include an elaborate garnish.


Raspberry Platter Jelly Shot Pictured Custom Jelly Shots
Contact us for a quote
These jelly shots are created on an individual level. They may involve a custom cocktail, presentation or both. They are tailored for your specific event or restaurant. For retail companies, we can do on-site consultation and train your staff. For a specific event such as a wedding or corporate event, we will work with your planners to develop a truly one-of-a-kind experience.





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JelllysByDesign - Alcohol Confectioners
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