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JellysByDesign currently services the Phoenix metropolitan area including Tempe, Gilbert, Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, and surrounding towns.

We are available for commission in other areas to create custom designs for a standard day rate.

Contact us for details.

Custom Jelly Shots
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These jelly shots are created on an individual level. They may involve a custom cocktail, presentation or both. They are tailored for your specific event or restaurant. For retail companies, we can do on-site consultation and train your staff. For a specific event such as a wedding or corporate event, we will work with your planners to develop a truly one-of-a-kind experience.

Here's a small sample of some custom party platters we've cooked up!

Raspberry Lover

Luck Lebowski
This plate was commissioned with a Raspberry themed. We split the plate of 44 evenly between our Raspberry Beret and a custom shot we are now calling "Rasberry Fizz". We focused on two aspects. Fresh and Sweet! We used fresh berries and light flavors for the Fizz and bold, rich flavors on the Beret.

"Lucky Lebowski"

Luck Lebowski
We created the "Lucky Lebowski" on St. Patrick's Day for a White Russian aficionado. This whimsical creation was inspired by Momofuku of NYC (► external link). We used milk soaked with Lucky Charms cereal as milk component of the white Russian. At the time of serving, we a sprinkled the powdered "marshmallows" over the shot. They were strong, but very tasty!



Irish Car Bomb

Irish Car Bomb
Created for St. Patrick's Day. This is our explosive twist on a popular Guinness shooter. We made this one strong...but smooth. Jameson Whisky, Guinness, and a splash of Bailey's to round it out.



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JelllysByDesign - Alcohol Confectioners
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